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The Parish Church of St. Mary
Alderbury and Whaddon

Part of the Clarendon Team of Churches

Examination from the scaffold showed a certain amount of open pointing and slight bulging above and to the north side of the window and it is proposed to deal with this as soon as the mason is free - the anticipated cost will be in the region of £2,000.00 on the basis that similar lack of bonding occurs generally at high level.

The Chancel Wall

For the last few years falls of small pieces of flint and mortar have been seen on the south side of the east chancel wall. In August scaffold was erected so that the area could be closely examined and repaired as necessary before any major fall of material occurred. The photographs show the area which virtually collapsed when touched -the yellow vertical line is a two metre measuring rod. Almost no bonding had been carried out between the main body of the wall and the external face. This has now been provided.

Bell Tower Debris

We do try to keep the bell tower secure, so that birds are not able to get in. This can deteriorate over time, and once the birds get in - it can be a rather unpleasant task to clear the resulting mess. This can include a lot of twigs and small branches, dead birds - and of course the other by-product of birds.

This has been cleared now - and the holes patched up, so we should be good for a couple of years….

West End Boundary Wall

It has long been thought that the wall to the West of the Church that separates the Churchyard from the Parish Cemetery was ‘not good’. However, when the ivy was removed it became clear that it was the ivy that was holding the wall together!

This has now been rebuilt - and looks very good.

Ongoing Repairs