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The Parish Church of St. Mary
Alderbury and Whaddon

Part of the Clarendon Team of Churches

For many years St. Mary's ran a children's Holiday Club during Holy Week. More recently on Good Friday morning we spend 2 hours following a theme that can be linked in to the Easter Story, and at the end we walk the mile or so to Church for a short Good Friday Family Service - followed by hot cross buns, and a drink. By making this part of the Holiday Club, we encourage all the children to walk to the church - and all their parents to join them!

Follow down the page to see some of the themes of recent years. A lot of the artwork and banner produced can be seen in the chuirch.........   


Holiday Club

Holiday Club 2010

Our Easter Holiday Club for 2010 was based on the Pixar film 'Finding Nemo', and was called 'Fishy Friday' - following the story of how Marlin braves the ocean, battles jelly fish, and stops at nothing until he finds Nemo.

Holiday Club 2011

Following on from the previous year, our Easter Holiday Club for 2010 was based on the Pixar film 'Toy Story' - but renamed ‘Joy Story’.  There were interesting links between the characters in the film and the Easter Story.

Holiday Club 2012

We decided to do something a little different this year, and move away from the film basis. “Follow My Leader” took the children on a journey though Holy Week, they travelled around the church meeting people who had ‘been there’ on Palm Sunday,the Last Supper, The Garden and at The Cross. They also made a wonderful Easter garden out of Lego!

Good Friday Gang 2015

The focus for this years Good Friday Gang was “The Last Supper”. We made and decorated clay crosses, happy / sad plates, and made a fantastic banner using our hand prints.

Good Friday Gang 2013

This years Good Friday Gang was opened up to the whole Clarendon Team.  We met on Thursday and Friday morning and used the story of The Three Trees who each had their own dreams for the future. The children heard the story and did related activities as the trees became the manger in the stable, the fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee and the cross on the hillside.

Good Friday Gang 2014

This year we returned to the DVD Finding Nemo and called the morning “Finding Jesus”. We did lots of fish related activities and learnt about how we, like Nemo, can be forgiven when we go astray.